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The special art of Lars Contzen:

They do exist: the perfect colours that move us deep within. Since 2013, the artist and designer Lars Contzen is travelling throughout Europe for the purpose of detecting these colours. His “colour search van” always provides him with his professional photography equipment and various painting-utensils. With this, he manages to both capture the colours and reproduce them for us.

In search of the perfect colour:

The flagship of each region and each culture are its colours. Yet, in the wide variety the most special shades are difficult to identify. Often, that one special moment of ideal light conditions is needed in order to detect them. Lars Contzen captures that moment in his photographs. On site, he then mixes oil paint meticulously accurate, until he manages to create and reproduce exactly that shade. This way, colour fields are created as a basis for colour formulas. Those again serve as templates for the high-quality colourcourage wall paints.

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Each colour has its own story...

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