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B&Q has a fantastic range of tents fit for any user’s needs and all types of camping trips. From quick pitch pop-up tents, perfect for hassle-free camping at festivals, to great value family tents - groups as well as families can find what they’re looking for at B&Q.

Dome tents

Dome style tents are simple to pitch and have a strong structure to withstand all weather conditions. The strong structure consists of several support poles crossing each other to form one or more domes, which is then covered by the tent fabric. The resulting domes maximises headroom and space, and some of the larger dome tents can have up to 3 separate bedrooms.

Tunnel tents

Similar to dome tents, tunnel tents also offer a large amount of internal space and headroom. Tunnel tents require fewer poles resulting in a lighter tent, which means that this type of tent is fast and simple to pitch. Fewer poles can mean that tunnel tents are not suitable for extreme weather conditions. However, all of our tunnel tents come with guy lines to help improve rigidity.

Pop-up or Quick-pitch tents

For a tent that pitches in seconds, look no further then a quick pitch tent. Open the bag and the tent literally pops up before your eyes! This style of tent is fantastic for festivals or weekends away with friends. Alternatively, these tents are excellent when you need instant additional cover from the elements.

Tent Size

All of our tents state the number of people the tent can sleep. In addition, each tent has a separate floor plan diagram showing you the layout of the tent and the sleeping arrangement. However, it is worth noting that this is a rough guide and you should take storage of belongings and living space into account.