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Beyond sticks and spirals

The new wave of energy saving lighting

It’s time to shed new light on energy saving bulbs. The old myths can be switched off for good. Whatever style of lighting you want, there’s now an efficient bulb to match.

Gone are the days of glowing sticks and spirals. In their place is a stylish range of efficient bulbs of all sorts, shapes, sizes and fittings. From spotlights to soft tones, dimmables to dazzling. You name it. We’ve got it. And it looks great.

If you took a dim view of old energy saving bulbs needing to ‘warm up’ before lighting the room, don’t worry. Our new energy saving bulbs light up in seconds and they’re as bright as a traditional bulb.

Energy saving bulbs pay for themselves in no time. Unlike traditional bulbs, energy efficient ones last for years (so you won’t need so many replacements ) and in the first year alone each bulb will save you money on your electricity bill.

The only difference you’ll notice between our new energy saving bulbs and your old ones will be on your electricity bill.