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Choose the right... Screwdriver / Pliers

Choose the right... Screwdriver



  • Heavy duty plastic protects user from live current
  • Tested to 1000v

Ideal for: use on electrical installation.

Choose the right... Pliers

Gripping and cutting

Combination pliers

Combination pliers

  • Forged handles and pliers for improved strength and durability

Ideal for: general purpose gripping, cutting and rotating.

Diagonal pliers

Diagonal pliers

  • Mated cutters for clean and accurate cuts

Ideal for: cutting copper wire, aluminium and piano wire.

Long nose pliers

Long nose pliers

  • Excellent control and reach for fine work in small enclosures

Ideal for: forming loops with wire or thin metal strips.

Gripping and tightening

Water pump pliers

Water pump pliers

  • Precision machined and close fitting jaws for secure grip on work piece

Ideal for: plumbing fitting.

Slip joint pliers

Slip joint pliers

  • Pivot point can be moved to increase the sze of large jaws

Ideal for: general purpose gripping.

Look out for... Magnetised heads

  • helps with screw handling

Look out for... Bolster or hexagonal shafts

  • improve torque when used with spanners/wrenches

Look out for... Precision screwdrivers

  • Precision screwdrivers are great for:
    • watch and phone batteries
    • small electrical appliances

Look out for... Width of tips

  • Tips must fit the width of screw to avoid damage

Look out for... Large diameter

  • best for driving wood screws