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Kitchen appliances

Our extensive collection of built-under and integrated eye-level ovens are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers and feature some of the most advanced cooking technologies and some of the most stylish designs available.

As well as single and double ovens, we have microwaves and compact ovens designed to fit neatly into cabinets either on their own or in combination with other appliances - like the very latest coffee machine for example!

Look out for these symbols

  • Conventional oven These ovens have a heating element at the top and the bottom. Air circulates naturally around the oven creating varying temperatures with the hottest air at the top perfect for the Sunday roast.
  • Fan oven These ovens cook efficiently at lower temperatures as they have a fan at the back to circulate hot air around quickly and evenly. You can also defrost by selecting the ‘fan only’ setting. It takes about half the time it would normally take at room temperature.
  • Oven volume If the size of the oven is important, keep an eye out for these symbols. They tell you what the oven volume is in litres and the higher the number, the greater the volume.
  • Multifunction oven You can select fan or conventional cooking with multifunction ovens giving you the best of both worlds. They also have some handy functions to save time and work and help you get the best results. The number and choice of functions varies according to the brand and the model.
  • Amp Must be connected to the power supply as recommended in the manufacturer’s
  • Grill specification. These ovens have either a twin grill, a variable grill or a hot air grill. A hot air grill gives you the most even cooking results and temperature control plus you can even grill with the door closed.
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee Every appliance is covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee for parts and labour. This varies according to the brand and the model.