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Portable Heating

Fan Heaters

Fan heaters are an excellent way of providing heat to cold areas quickly and effectively. The most common output is 2kW, however for larger areas 3kW is a better solution.

Look out for options such as heat settings to control the amount of energy used, plus a thermostat that can regulate the temperature of the room.

Advanced features include climate control with LCD displays that monitor temperature drift more accurately than traditional thermostat models.

Many models also have a cool air setting more useful in the summer monthsto help circulate the air.

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Ceramic Heaters

Similar to Fan heaters, Ceramic heaters are also a fast and effective way of heating up a room.

The key difference to a fan heater is the ceramic heating element that converts energy into heat very effectively.

The heat output is more focussed and intense from a relatively small footprint. Generally outputs vary from 1.8kW to 2.5kW. Again look out for energy saving features such as heat settings and thermostats.

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Convectors are an ideal alternative to a fan heater in order to heat a room. They are larger and designed to be used either freestanding or wall mounted.

They come in a choice of outputs including 2kW and 3kW and many feature energy saving features such as thermostats, choice of heat settings and timers.

Certain models also come with inbuilt fans to extract the heat from the body of the product quickly and effectively.

They are ideal as a form of low cost heating when an extension to a house has been built as they simply require mounting to the wall with brackets provided and plugged in! A more cost effective way than extending the central heating system.

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Oil Filled Radiators

Oil filled radiators offer strong radiant heat which is ideal to heat people rather than the air.

They are generally more expensive than convectors or fan heaters and tend to be more durable and resilient to every day knocks.

Outputs vary from 1.5kw to 3kW and they feature the usual energy saving features such as thermostats, timers, heat settings.

They are slower to warm up and less responsive to Oil Free radiators or fan heaters or convectors.

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Oil Free Radiators

Oil Free radiators are a new development in Portable heating. Some are styled like traditional oil filled column heaters whilst others are more modern in design.

Like their oil filled counterparts outputs vary from 700w to 3kW. The main benefit with oil free radiators is that they warm up very fast, are lighter in weight (yet durable) and responsive to providing heat when you need it in comparison to oil filled products.

In terms of energy saving features, look out for thermostats, heat settings and timers. More advanced features include electronic climate control, remote controls, and twin panel elements to increase control over the appliance.

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters provide the focal point of a real fire and the convenience of no installation or assembly.

Some models come with electric ignition for ease of use and variable heat settings to suit any size room. Mobile and economic, these heaters compliment any home setting.

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What is a thermostat?
A thermostat regulates the heat within the room and keeps it at a desired level. This is an essential energy saving feature

What are heat settings?
Heat settings enable the consumer to select the heat output of the product and reduce energy consumption e.g. 1kW. Again this is a vital energy saving feature

What are cool air settings?
Enables the fan to operate without heat to circulate the ambient air in the room

What output do I require to heat my room?
This very much depends on the size of room, the insulation in the walls, the number of windows and what floor it is on

If I want fast warm up, what product is suitable?
Go for a fan heater, convector or oil free radiator

Are fan heaters noisy?
Generally they are, you are better off going for an oil filled/ oil free radiator or convector heater

I want a personal heater that heats me rather than the room...
It is better to go for an oil filled or oil free radiator

Are electric portable heaters expensive to run?
For 1kWh it costs approximately 14p (excl VAT)- therefore a 2kW heater would cost 28p per hour to run continuously. However many come fitted with thermostats and will cycle on and off over a period of time. In addition to this the advantage of a portable heater is that it is used to supplement heat/ used in an emergency and is not used all year round. The capital outlay of a portable heater is low and over the life of the product is very cost effective

I am after heating my room because my heating has broken down and need a quick solution...
In this case a fan or ceramic heater is a cost effective solution

I have just built an extension to my home and need a durable heating solution, yet discreet...
In this case we would recommend going for a convector heater that can be mounted to a wall

I am after a heater that offers a blend of room and personal heat...
We would recommend an oil free or oil filled radiator