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Let's get gardening with Alan Titchmarsh. Jobs for Winter.

Christmas is a good excuse for being a tad more creative than usual with plants, flowers and garden produce, but there's no need to make hard work for yourself - have fun and
enjoy it.

  • Carry out winter digging or forking over.
  • Winterise the garden – check for anything that's likely to be at risk from cold, wind or water-logging.
  • Think about any garden designing, alterations or constriction you'd like to do over the winter while there is not too much routine gardening to do: start planning, collect catalogues and order materials.
  • Separate stored apples with paper so that if one fruit starts to rot it doesn’t spread to the rest.
  • Plant tulip, hyacinth and lily bulbs.
  • Protect young and slightly tender plants from cold by adding a deep mulch of bracken or bark chippings over the roots.
  • Remove dead leaves and stems from the tops of border plants.
  • Plant garlic
  • By mid month dig up carrots and parsnips and store them in the fridge or shed.
  • Harvest leeks and Brussels sprouts.
  • If it's very wet keep off the lawn if possible, or protect it with a temporary path and sprinkle with sand if its slippery. Don't walk on frosty grass - when the thaw comes you'll see brown footprints.
  • Continue cutting the grass if it keeps growing, but with raised blades.
  • Remove dead leaves from the lawn. They can be made into leaf mould: excellent compost. Place the damp leaves in a black plastic bin liner, tie a knot in the top and fork a few air holes in it. Place the bag in a sheltered position in your garden and leave it for a year.
  • Lay turf, dig over areas
    for new lawns you plan to
    turf or sow in the spring.

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Coming soon this Winter – Come back for more help and advice from Alan on your project essentials.