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Let's get gardening with Alan Titchmarsh. Jobs for Winter.

Extra-early seed potatoes can be bought this month to be grown in pots indoors; or you can use potato sack grow bags.

  • Finish off winter digging (digging or forking over bare patches of ground, mixing in organic matter as you go).
  • Make new beds and borders.
  • Tidy up and deadhead winter flowering pansies in tubs and hanging baskets.
  • Prepare the greenhouse before the start of the propagating season - clean water storage barrels, watering cans, pots and seed trays, and propagator and greenhouse glass.
  • Take Precautions to ensure your pond never freezes over entirely.
  • In mild, dry conditions you can plant out early spring bulbs and polyanthus.
  • Sow extra-early crops of vegetables and salads if you have a sunny, sheltered spot with fertile, well-drained soil that has previously had a good helping of organic matter dug in. Only extra-early varieties of vegetables and salads are suitable: early peas, broad beans, lettuce varieties such as 'Little Gem' and varieties of radish, carrot and turnip described as suitable for forcing (check seed packets). Cover the crops with horticultural fleece.
  • Keep off the grass or make a temporary path with heavy duty wire mesh or interconnecting wooden slats.
  • If it's mild and dry, mow the grass and prepare the ground for a new lawn.

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Coming soon this winter - come back for more hints and tips from Alan on your mid-winter projects.