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Naturepaint: The natural way to decorate your home

Made using only natural and non-toxic ingredients, Naturepaint is the safest paint you can buy.

It is completely free from the VOCs that you find in most paints and contains no artificial or toxic chemicals. You won’t find any anti freeze, formaldehyde or petro-chemicals in Naturepaint.

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6 reasons to choose Naturepaint

1. No nasty fumes

As Naturepaint contains no toxic chemicals the atmosphere in your freshly painted room is so safe that you can use the room straight away. No waiting for nasty fumes to disappear and no worries about lingering residues in the air.

2. Completely free from harm

You won’t find anything in Naturepaint that could harm you, your family or the planet. Unlike some other paint, Naturepaint has none of the chemicals that have been linked to health problems. And when you finish decorating you can dispose of Naturepaint safely; you can even add it to your compost (and the packaging too).

3. Durable long lasting finish

Naturepaint gives you a long lasting and fashionable flat matt finish, thanks to its unique, patented formulation. The combination of plant extracts and natural proteins dries to give an extremely durable and washable surface.

4. Long lasting colour

The pigments in Naturepaint’s 49 vibrant colours are made from entirely natural clays and other non-toxic materials. Some even trace their roots back to cave painting in pre-history. They certainly stand the test of time.

5. Avoid waste

Mix Naturepaint when you’re ready and you will only use the amount you need. So, no more half empty paint tins in the shed and no more cans in landfill. And Naturepaint is so easy to clean out of brushes and rollers that you can use these over and over again.

6. Easy to use

With Naturepaint you are in charge. Naturepaint is a powder, which simply mixes with tap water to make a thick, creamy paint that works equally well with brushes, rollers or paint pads. It has the same coverage and hiding power as your usual paint and none of the paint smell.

Download Naturepaint simple and easy to use mixing instructions