Smart Home

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home enables you to get the most out of modern technology to benefit you and your home. Allowing you to monitor and control your Lighting, Security Camera’s, Smoke & CO Alarms and Thermostats from your phone, you’ll be sure to save money and simplify your everyday routine. Whether you want to set a certain temperature for when you arrive home, have peace of mind that your home is safe or learn how your energy is distributed around the house, our wide range of top branded products with systems that integrate with one another will create you an efficient home.

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  • Security


    Smart Safety & Security

    Keep an eye on your home when you’re not there and be alerted on your smartphone if something happens.

  • Thermostats



    Control your heating and hot water from anywhere with your smartphone so you can return to your ideal temperature.

  • Lighting & Electrics

    Lighting & Electrics

    Smart Lighting & Electrics

    Control your lights and electrics so you never come home to the dark or leave appliances on.

  • CO Alarms

    CO Alarms

    Smart Fire, Smoke & CO Alarms

    Get voice alerts from your Alarm and notifications straight to your phone telling you if and where any danger is.

  • Hubs


    Smart Hubs

    Manage all of your Smart devices through one Hub and make them work together in your home.

  • Energy


    Smart Energy Monitors

    Learn how you use your energy and how much it costs you then discover the best supplier for your lifestyle.

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Connecting your Systems

Connecting your systems together will help create a harmonised control around your home for you and your family. We've simplified this for you by grouping together the relevant systems that will make your life more flexible.

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