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AllPondSolutions BF-6000+ Small Pond Filter Pump and 9w UV Kit

Sold & shipped by All Pet Solutions Ltd

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AllPondSolutions BF-6000+ Small Pond Filter Pump and 9w UV Kit
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Product details

Product information

The All Pond Solutions BF-6000+ small pond filter box complete system is an outstanding biological filter, UV clarifier and pond pump combination that produces clean and clear water for healthy fish and plants to survive. The built-in UV steriliser will destroy green water algae for a cleaner healthier pond. Water passes through the highly effective UV clarifier and exposes the impurities in the water to UV light. A viewing window is present to safely check the correct functioning of the UVC. The aerated water passes through Japanese matting and coarse / fine filter foam which extract larger pieces of debris. Also included are bio balls which provide a large surface area for nitro-bacteria development, and will help produce and maintain a high water-oxygen level.FiltrationWater passes through the BF-6000+ in the following order1) Pond water flows into the BF-6000+ via your pond pump2) The pond water is exposed to the 9w UV steriliser which clumps together your algae for filtration3) After being sterilised the water firstly passes through Japanese matting before going through fine and coarse filter foam4) Lastly, the water passes across bio balls that harbour good bacteria across large surface area (biological filtration)5) Clean, clear and healthy water exits your BF-6000+ and returns to your pond. Please note the filter must be placed on the edge of the pond as the clean water flows straight back into the pond not an outlet pipe Ponds up to...For decorative ponds up to 6000 LitresFor ponds with a small mix of fish up to 4500 LitresFor ponds with a small mix of koi up to 3000 LitresFeatures * Full system - everything required to filter a small pond * Clip on removable lid with built-in 9w UV steriliser * 2300l/h pond pump included * 20mm hose x 3m and clips included * Includes Japanese matting, coarse / fine foam, bio balls filter media * Outlet pipe which can feed directly back into the pond * Partly burying the filter to make it less ...

  • Guarantee - 2 years

Features and benefits

  • Complete with Pump, Hose and Clips
  • Max Flow rate: 3000L/h
  • Decorative Ponds: up to 6000 Litres
  • Ponds with a small mix of fish: up to 4500 Litres
  • Ponds with a small mix of koi: up to 3000 Litres
  • Dimensions: 400 x 275 x 400mm (L x W x H)
  • Pump Flow rate: 2300L/h Pump Cable Length: 4.5M
  • UV power: 9w UV Cable Length: 2.5M


BrandAll Pond Solutions
Product height400mm
Product width275mm
Life expectancy5 years
Product code5056035503417