Garden hand tools & equipment

Tend to your outdoor spaces with our excellent range of garden hand tools and equipment. Keep garden plants looking trim with secateurs and pruners, or take care of your flower beds and vegetable patches with shovels, forks and edgers, and discover our range of rakes and weeding tools. No matter how big or small, you’ll find the perfect set of garden hand tools to take care of the job online at B&Q.

Explore the world of garden hand tools and equipment, essential companions for cultivating a thriving outdoor space. From meticulous weeding and clearing with sturdy rakes to precise cutting and pruning with sharp shears, our diverse selection caters to every gardening need. Delve into the joy of digging, planting, and soil care with top-notch shovels, trowels, and soil care essentials. Our range extends beyond the basics, encompassing the convenience of wheelbarrows for effortless transport and lawn spreaders for uniform fertiliser application. Achieve seamless lawn maintenance with reliable lawn rollers and explore a variety of sacks and tubs for efficient storage and transport.

For those with a green thumb, composters provide a sustainable solution to recycle organic waste, contributing to a healthier garden ecosystem. Upgrade your gardening experience with specially curated garden tool sets designed to streamline your tasks with precision and ease. Don't forget the importance of comfort in your gardening routine – invest in quality garden kneelers for added support. Secure your garden's boundaries with our selection of fencing tools, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Embrace the beauty of your outdoor space with the right tools, cultivating a garden that reflects your passion for nature with our garden equipment.