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Chest of drawers

Keep your clothes neatly stored away our stylish and practical chests of drawers. In our collection you'll find bedroom drawers in a range of stunning colours, finishes and materials as well as the latest contemporary and traditional designs. We stock a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any space, whether you're looking for a large or wide chest of drawers to store bulky clothing or an elegant and space saving tallboy. You're sure to find something to suit your taste and budget at B&Q.

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Finding the perfect chest of drawers for your home isn’t always easy. Here at B&Q, we want to make it as simple as possible to find one to suit your needs, so we host a plethora of options for any home.

Whether you’re looking for a tallboy for a smaller space or a dresser to accentuate a large room, you’ll find what you’re after at B&Q. Our highboys, or tall dressers, feature various numbers of drawers and designs to tailor to your specific needs and preferences.

You can shop chests of drawers by style, narrowing results down to contemporary chest of drawers for modern homes, Scandinavian chest of drawers for a chic touch, traditional chests, and more!

Furnish a home to a high standard with matching furniture, with chest of drawers available in ranges that span multiple categories. An example of this is our Atomia freestanding chest of drawers which can be matched with furniture all around the home for a sleek finish.

Pair with existing furniture easily by shopping by colour or finish, with various ever-popular white chest of drawers available, as well as high gloss or matt chest of drawer finishes.

So, whether you’re looking for a 3 drawer chest, a 5 drawer chest, or simply looking for a multifunctional furniture piece to complete a room, look no further than B&Q.