Shower enclosures, doors & trays

Choosing the correct shower enclosures, doors and trays for your bathroom is the key to creating a bathroom that makes your morning routine feel like a dream. Boasting clever features such as anti-limescale treatment, soft-close doors, and reversible fittings, our shower enclosures, doors, and trays are available in various sizes to suit any bathroom. Our shower enclosures, doors and trays have been designed from the ground up to suit any size bathroom, from large family bathrooms to compact en-suites with door openings that make a difference. With our modular design you can create your shower enclosure in your own vision. Don’t settle for something less and create your perfect shower enclosure in your image today!

Shower enclosures, doors, and trays are essential components of a well-designed and functional bathroom. Each part helps to create a dedicated space for showering, providing privacy, draining away water, while preventing water from splashing onto the rest of the bathroom. From small to large spaces, we host a collection of shower enclosures in various shapes and sizes to fit into different bathroom layouts. This includes square shower enclosures, rectangular shower enclosures, quadrant shower enclosures and more.

As well as offering access to the shower area, shower doors seal the area off to eliminate water escaping from the enclosure when in use. Choose from different styles, including bi-fold shower doors, sliding shower doors, and pivot shower doors, each possessing their own benefits, from easy entry pivot doors to space saving sliding options. As all doors are typically made of glass, they add a touch of elegance and maintain a sense of openness, with frosted glass shower door options and clear and mirrored variations.

Shower trays, often referred to as shower bases or shower pans, provide the foundation for the shower area, designed to collect and drain water away effectively. You’ll find a shower tray in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different shower enclosures and can be installed flush with the floor or raised for accessibility.

Ensure you consider the aesthetics, compatibility with existing plumbing, and durability when selecting enclosures, doors, and trays for your space. Enhance your bathroom with just a few simple elements, creating a watertight, functional, and refreshing showering environment.