Children's Décor

Children’s bedrooms and playrooms need to be both practical and stylish to support their needs as they grow and at B&Q we have a selection of children’s décor that will allow you to create a space which is perfect for them. Decorate a nursery with woodland animals or create a space for your little explorers that is truly out of this world. There’s something for every kid’s playroom that will unlock their imagination or create a cosy sleeping space.

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As children grow, creating a space that is unique to them is really important, and at B&Q we have an extensive range of children’s décor items to ensure that nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms can be decorated so that they are both functional and relaxing, whilst still sparking their imaginations.

Lighting is crucial to create a calming atmosphere at bedtime, providing enough light for children’s routines or story time. Our children’s lights assortment contains a range of lighting perfect for tucking children into bed at night, or to keep the boogeyman at bay.

To make a child’s playroom complete, a rug is a great option as it provides a soft space in the mornings or a playmat space to unlock their imagination. Nothing does this better than children’s rugs which we have available in a variety of designs and colours to provide the finishing touch to their room and a fun space for them to play.

Decorating a nursery can be challenging but using one of our children’s wallpapers makes the process easier as we have a collection of fun and colourful wallpapers to fit in with your child’s interests. Whether you have a budding space cadet, or a Jurassic explorer, we have wallpapers which will spark their imaginations whilst playing and provide a cosy atmosphere for them to drift off into their dreams.