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Dr Beckmann Power brush Stain Remover 250ml (Pack of 3)
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Dr Beckmann Power brush Stain Remover 250ml (Pack of 3)

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    The Dr. Beckmann Power Brush Stain Remover is a revolutionary solution for tackling tough stains with ease. This 250ml bottle contains a powerful formula designed to penetrate deep into fabric fibers, lifting even the most stubborn stains effectively. The unique power brush applicator allows for targeted application, ensuring maximum coverage and efficient stain removal. Ideal for use on a variety of fabrics including clothing, upholstery, and carpets, this stain remover is a must-have for any household. Say goodbye to pesky stains like coffee, wine, grease, and more with the Dr. Beckmann Power Brush Stain Remover, leaving your fabrics looking fresh and clean.

    - Powerful stain remover designed to tackle tough stains effectively

    - 250ml bottle with a unique power brush applicator for targeted application

    - Penetrates deep into fabric fibers for thorough stain removal

    - Suitable for use on clothing, upholstery, carpets, and more

    - Removes stains such as coffee, wine, grease, and more

    - Leaves fabrics looking fresh and clean

    Features and Benefits:


    1. Powerful stain removal formula

    2. Convenient 250ml bottle size

    3. Unique power brush applicator for targeted application

    4. Suitable for various fabrics

    5. Removes a wide range of tough stains


    - Effectively removes stubborn stains

    - Easy and precise application

    - Versatile usage for different fabric types

    - Saves time and effort in stain removal

    - Restores fabrics to a clean and fresh appearance

    • Guarantee - 1 month

    Features and benefits

      Tired of wrestling with stubborn stains? Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils Pre-Wash Stain Remover is your secret weapon for a winning laundry game. This convenient, non-spray formula pre-empts disaster, tackling tough stains before they set in. Simply apply, leave, and wash – no more scrubbing or soaking hassles. Watch stains vanish like magic on clothes, carpets, and upholstery. Enjoy vibrant colours and pristine fabrics, wash after wash. Unleash the stain-busting power of Dr. Beckmann and embrace laundry confidence!

      • Pre-Wash Power: Targets stains before they set, boosting washing machine effectiveness.
      • Non-Spray Convenience: No mess, no fuss – perfect for delicate fabrics and targeted application.
      • Tough Stain Terminator: Handles a wide range of everyday stains for effortless stain removal.
      • Colour & Fabric Safe: Gentle formula works on all colours and most fabrics (except wool and silk).
      • Fast & Effective: Works in just 10-15 minutes, saving you time and effort.
      • Concentrated Formula: 250ml goes a long way, delivering exceptional value.


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