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FiNEWAY 1kg Large Dry Car & Van Dehumidifier Bag - Ultimate Moisture & Damp Absorber Pad with Anti-Slip Pads
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FiNEWAY 1kg Large Dry Car & Van Dehumidifier Bag - Ultimate Moisture & Damp Absorber Pad with Anti-Slip Pads

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Product information

    Say Goodbye to In-Car Condensation! Introducing our Eco-Friendly Dehumidifier - Your Ultimate Solution for Clear Vision, Rust Prevention, and a Fresh Interior! No more struggling with fogged-up windows or battling musty smells! Our ingenious yet simple dehumidifier features a fabric outer cover filled with approximately 1kg of activated carbon. This powerful material can absorb up to an incredible 60% of its weight in moisture, effectively preventing misted-up or iced-over windows during winter. Not only does this innovative dehumidifier enhance visibility, but it also safeguards your car from rust and mildew formation. Embrace a clean, dry, and pleasant driving experience with our eco-friendly dehumidifier. Say hello to a crystal-clear view and bid farewell to condensation troubles!"

    • CE marked

    Features and benefits

      Our dehumidifier not only excels in performance but also proves to be a cost-effective and durable solution. After approximately three months of use, simply dry it on a radiator or in an oven, and it will be fully restored to its original efficiency, just like new! Its versatility knows no bounds - equally suitable for use in cars, caravans, boats, and garages. Wherever excess moisture lurks, this dehumidifier is ready to tackle the problem head-on. Invest in a reliable and eco-friendly dehumidifier that promises clear windows, rust prevention, and a fresh environment. Experience the convenience of easy restoration and embrace a moisture-free space - all packed into one powerhouse dehumidifier!"

      • Year-Round Use: Ideal for cars, caravans, and motorhomes, continuously absorbing excess moisture from the air.
      • Automotive Color-Changing: Features a desiccant with indicator windows that turn pink when absorbing moisture and blue after drying, indicating reusability for up to six months.
      • .Reduce Dampness: Effectively reduces dampness, mildew, and in-car condensation, preventing misted or iced windows in winter, and protecting against rust and musty smells.
      • Versatile Placement: Can be placed in various locations like footwells, dashboards, under seats, indoor storage bins, and more.
      • Reusable and Cost-Effective: Reuse the dehumidifier by simply heating and drying it in the microwave, oven, heater, or under the sun - a sustainable and economical solution.
      • Protects More Than Vehicles: Not limited to cars; also suitable for boats, motorcycles, garden furniture, tools, and electrical equipment.
      • No Electricity Needed: Operates without electricity or batteries, featuring a breathable cloth cover with Velcro straps for easy placement.
      • Practical and Durable: A reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective moisture absorber with dimensions of 25CM X 16CM X 4CM.


      Colour groupBlack
      Fitting typeSuction cup
      Pack quantity1
      Product depth150mm
      Product height250mm
      Product weight1000g
      Product width150mm
      Product code5060684705702