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If you love wooden flooring but want something that is easier to install, laminate flooring is a great option for your home which adds a modern finish to your space. This durable flooring works well in any room in your home – including bathrooms and kitchens. At B&Q, we have laminate flooring for bathrooms which is water resistant meaning you can step out of your shower without worrying about your floor. Add a bath mat to the space to further protect your floors, and have a soft space for you to stand whilst waiting for your bath to run!

Natural wood colours are not for everyone. So, if you want a more sleek design to your interiors, grey laminate flooring adds colour to your space and is the perfect accompaniment to black furniture or soft furnishings in a living room creating a boutique style with ease.

We know that attempting to lay your new flooring can be challenging, and we want to support you to make the process as easy as possible. If you need to know how to lay laminate flooring, we can help you with an easy step by step guide before you get started. Some of the things you will need for your new project are underlay, which will help you keep your space warm and provide a softer floor to walk on in high traffic areas; and, to complete your project, you can add a floor trim to create a clean edge to your new laminate flooring.

Is laminate flooring waterproof?

Unfortunately, laminate flooring is not waterproof. However, some ranges can be water resistant which still makes it a good option for moisture heavy environments like bathrooms or kitchens. Water resistant laminate flooring is splash and spillage resistant so you can be sure that your new floor is not going to bend or expand after extended water exposure. To be doubly sure that your floor is protected, adding a rug or a bath mat in areas where drinks or water is likely to be spilled is best to ensure that your floor looks great for years to come..

How do you lay laminate flooring?

Whilst it seems like a daunting task, laying laminate flooring is not as complicated as it seems. With a drop click fitting, you can easily put down new flooring without fuss. After removing the old flooring, it’s best to check the condition of the underlay and if it needs replacing we have a range of underlay for laminate flooring so you have a more comfortable walking experience. Then all you need to do is pick a direction for the laminate floor planks to go and they will click into place when you lower one plank to the next. Follow our guide for how to lay your laminate flooring if you need more help with fitting your new floor.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when laying laminate flooring?

You should always check the manufacturer’s instructions as these will detail how you should place the planks and ensure they are locked together to prevent you from accidently damaging your new flooring. Using an appropriate laminate floor underlay is also important as this will allow you to prevent damage and keep your floor looking great for a longer time. It also acts to insulate your home better, helping you to keep warm in the winter, and helps to reduce the amount of noise produced as you enjoy your home. Please see our handy guide for full details on how to prepare to lay laminate flooring.

How do you clean laminate flooring?

All cleaning instructions are given in the manufacturer’s instructions, but if you have lost these or are in any doubt, using a soft broom or a damp mop or a cloth is the best way to clean a laminate floor. If you want more reassurance that your floor is clean, we have a range of floor cleaners available to help your floor shine. Make sure these are diluted to the instructions on the bottle and you will have a sparkling surface in no time. To protect your laminate flooring from dirt and grime, you can easily do so with a rug in living spaces to stop spilled drinks from damaging the surface of your new floor, or a door mat in a hallway for all the muddy footprints when you come back from enjoying a rainy day.