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FrogTape Multi-Surface Painters Tape Green 36mm x 41.1mtr - PACK OF 5

FrogTape Multi-Surface Painters Tape Green 36mm x 41.1mtr - PACK OF 5

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Product information

    Get crisp, clean lines on your next painting project with FrogTape Multi-Surface Painting Tape. How does it work? It’s made with exclusive PaintBlock Technology, a super-absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in emulsion paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape to prevent paint bleed. The result is a crisp, professional paint line. Designed to work on a variety of surfaces, this premium grade masking tape delivers a performance you can be proud of.

    • Guarantee - Statutory

    Features and benefits

      FrogTape Multi-Surface is a premium, medium adhesion painter’s masking tape that helps you achieve crisp, clean paint lines and saves time and money by eliminating the need for touch-ups.

      Available in a variety of widths to accommodate any application, FrogTape is the sharp line solution for basic masking applications or advanced wall designs like stripes or geometric patterns.

      • Premium grade painter’s tape for most common paint applications
      • Edge-treated with exclusive PaintBlock Technology for sharp paint lines
      • Recommended for use on cured painted walls, wood trim, glass, metal and stone
      • Removes cleanly from most surfaces for up to 21 days
      • Premium adhesion to help eliminate the need for touch-ups
      • Tape canister for clean, protected storage
      • Interior use
      • Medium adhesion

      Legal Information

      • Before you begin your paint project, follow these simple painting and masking tips to achieve the best possible results. CHOOSE THE RIGHT TAPE: FrogTape painter’s tape comes in 2 different grades, from medium adhesion to low adhesion. The kind of room you are painting, the surface type and other factors can make a big difference to your results. ROOM PREP: Preparing a room for your next paint project is an important step in the process. Clear away room clutter, window treatments, socket and light covers, furniture, and anything else that will get in your way as you paint. Make sure you have the right tools for the job before starting, and prepare your wall’s surfaces in advance. TAPE APPLICATION & REMOVAL: Once you’ve cleaned and dried your painting surface and masked the area, make sure to eliminate any gaps along the tape edge that may occur due to light texture, bumps on the surface or uneven application. After painting, remove the tape slowly at a 45-degree angle while the paint is still wet.


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