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Gro-Sure Multi-purpose Compost 10L

Gro-Sure Multi-purpose Compost 10L

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Product information

  • All Purpose.
  • 50% peat
  • Beds & Borders: Dig a hole twice the size of root ball diameter and add a layer of compost. Place plant in hole and back fill with compost. Firm compost around plant and water well. Seedlings / Pricking Out: Prick out seedlings once they are large enough to handle. Hold seedling by the leaves to avoid damage and gently tease the roots from the compost, using a dibber or pencil. Space seedlings to allow for growth. Water regularly until seedlings are ready for potting-on. Potting-On: Water plant well and allow to drain before potting. Allow enough space to accommodate roots. Remove from pot and plant in new container, firming the compost gently around the roots. Once fully planted, water well. Pots, Containers & Hanging Baskets: Choose container with adequate drainage hols. Place layer of grit in container and fill with compost. For hanging baskets, line basket with moss or liner and will with compost. Plant with trailing plants around the edge and upright plants in the middle. water well. One bag fills approximately 14x 10cm pots

Features and benefits

Gro-Sure® All-Purpose Compost has been developed to give gardeners the best chance of success, every time. Containing 4 months feed and our patented West+ wood fibre this high performance compost offers unrivalled results in plant health and growing results.

  • Feeds for 4 months after planting
  • Great in pots & containers, beds, borders & hanging baskets
  • Contains a slow release 4 month feed
  • Superior moisture control
  • Use of gloves advised, wash hands after use, keep away from children and pets and use only the quantities recommended


Product weight2.22kg
StandardFSC certified
Litre capacity (L)10L
Product code5023377862007