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Hozelock Backpack sprayer 16L
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Hozelock Backpack sprayer 16L

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Product details

Product information

This white & yellow backpack sprayer is suitable for water, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and water-soluble fertilizers.

  • For weed killing, plant care and fertilising for a large garden
  • Check that the sprayer operates correctly before using it again immediately with the same treatment product or a different one. Before storing and before any other use with another treatment product, carry out a rinsing operation. Add 1 litre of water to the tank for dilution, mix thoroughly and operate to rinse all the sprayer components. This rinsing operation must be carried out without removing any of the accessories used during the treatment. This rinsing mixture must not be emptied into a sewer but must be sprayed outside on the land that has already been treated. Before using again, even if it is used again immediately, with a different spraying solution, repeat the rinsing operation 3 times consecutively. Repeat the operation several times before storing during winter. Clean the handle filter, the filling filter and the nozzle in clean water after releasing any pressure remaining in the apparatus by spraying without operating the pumping lever. Wash your hands and face with clean water after using the sprayer. If you spray until there is air in the jet, spray until there is no more pressure. The residual volume of liquid is less than 250ml. If there is still some unused treatment product left, eliminate any pressure remaining in the apparatus by spraying without operating the pumping lever. Recover any excess product and rinse the sprayer again as indicated above. Avoid risks of pollution by recovering any unused product and its packaging. The solution to be sprayed must not exceed a temperature of 25°C

Features and benefits

This backpack sprayer has a unique design with a curved shape for a snug fit on the back and shoulders

  • It has an unique ergonomic design with a curved tank for maximum comfort and is easy to use left or right-handed.
  • This product has an ergonomic handle and an easy pumping action offering the perfect compromise between power and frequency, it is fully equipped with a filter and a mixer.
  • It is recommended not to store the sprayer pressurized and treatment agent inside the sprayer. Do not leave the apparatus in a warm environment, out in the sun or out in the cold. Store the sprayer out of the reach of children. The apparatus must not be used or stored at temperatures below 5°C or above 40°C, during winter or the rest of the year
  • Wear protective clothing, protective gloves, protective goggles and a protective mask. Do not smoke, eat or drink during use. Do not spray in the direction of other people or pets. Keep other people and pets at a reasonable distance from the apparatus when spraying. Help protect the environment; only spray the surfaces to be treated. This apparatus must not be used by individuals suffering from fatigue or illness, or by any person under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other medication.


Hose length1200mm
Product height600mm
Product weight4350g
Product width400mm
Maximum volume capacity16L
MaterialPolyamide (PA), polyethylene (PE) & polypropylene (PP)
ColourWhite & yellow
Product code5010646059664