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Johnstone's Exterior Quick Dry Satin Pale Cream - 750ml

Johnstone's Exterior Quick Dry Satin Pale Cream - 750ml

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Product information

    Elevate the beauty of your home's exterior with the sophisticated finish and enduring protection of Johnstone's Exterior Quick Dry Satin. This premium quality paint is designed to breathe new life into doors, windows, trims, and more, ensuring a flawless appearance and resilience against the elements. With Johnstone's, transforming your outdoor spaces is not just simple; it's a guarantee of lasting elegance.

    Key Features & Benefits:

    Quick-Drying Convenience: Say goodbye to the lengthy waits associated with traditional paints. Johnstone's Exterior Quick Dry Satin dries to the touch in just one hour, allowing you to complete your painting projects faster and more efficiently.

    Durable & Weather Resistant: Formulated with advanced technology to withstand harsh weather conditions, our satin finish ensures your surfaces remain vibrant and protected from rain, wind, and sun damage year after year.

    Low Odor & Eco-Friendly: Enjoy a more pleasant painting experience with our low odor formula, significantly reducing the environmental impact without compromising on performance.

    Exceptional Coverage & Finish: Achieve a smooth, uniform satin finish with exceptional coverage that hides imperfections and enhances the beauty of your exterior surfaces.

    Versatile Application: Perfect for a variety of materials including wood, metal, and previously painted surfaces, Johnstone's Exterior Quick Dry Satin offers the flexibility to refresh and protect a wide range of outdoor features.

    Why Choose Johnstone's?

    • Guarantee - 6 years
    • Suitable for Metal & wood
    • Water resistant

    Features and benefits

      Discover the seamless blend of sophistication and durability with Johnstone's Exterior Quick Dry Satin, the premier choice for homeowners and professionals seeking a flawless finish with the convenience of quick drying times. Say goodbye to the days of waiting and hello to instant gratification with a satin finish that elevates your home’s curb appeal while standing up to the elements.

      Why Johnstone's Exterior Quick Dry Satin?

      Speed and Efficiency: In just one hour, your paint dries to a touch, slashing project times and letting you enjoy your revitalized space sooner.

      Lasting Beauty: Engineered for endurance, our satin finish resists weathering from rain, wind, and sun, ensuring your home shines brightly throughout the seasons.

      Eco-Friendly Choice: With low odor emissions and an environmentally conscious formula, painting no longer has to be a compromise between quality and responsibility.

      Versatile Brilliance: Wood, metal, or previously painted surfaces—Johnstone's adapts to your needs, providing exceptional coverage and a smooth, elegant finish.

      Aesthetic Appeal: Elevate the look of doors, windows, and trims with a satin sheen that adds depth and character to your home’s exterior.

      Make a Statement That Lasts

      Your home is a reflection of your style. Choose Johnstone's Exterior Quick Dry Satin for an exterior as vibrant and enduring as your spirit. With our paint, each stroke brings you closer to achieving the perfect balance of beauty and protection.

      Fast. Durable. Beautiful.

      Johnstone's is not just paint; it's a promise of quick, lasting beauty. Our Exterior Quick Dry Satin is the trusted companion for anyone looking to enhance their home's exterior with a professional, long-lasting finish.

      • Rapid Drying Time
      • Long-lasting Protection
      • Low Odor and Environmentally Friendly


      Application methodBrush, roller, spalter brush & paint gun
      ColourPale Cream
      Colour groupCream
      Container typeTin
      Drying time2-4 h
      Paint typeTopcoat
      Recoat time2-4 hours
      VOC levelLow
      Product code5010426784946