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KAV Fire Blanket - Essential Accessories for Home, Kitchen, Caravans, Garages - Protect with Fire Blanket, Guard (Pack of 1)
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KAV Fire Blanket - Essential Accessories for Home, Kitchen, Caravans, Garages - Protect with Fire Blanket, Guard (Pack of 1)

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Product information

    KAV introducing the ultimate safety companion for every home and kitchen: our Fire Blanket - a versatile, high-quality fire protection essential that's more than just an accessory. With its compact and lightweight design, this fire blanket is your first response solution to potential fires, making it an essential addition to your kitchen accessories. Crafted from premium flame-retardant materials, our fire blanket ensures safety first, complying with all relevant safety standards. Its rapid fire suppression capabilities, along with clear, easy-to-follow instructions printed directly on the blanket, enable anyone to confidently take action during emergencies. This heat-resistant and durable blanket is not just suitable for kitchens, but also for workshops, offices, caravans, and garages, addressing fire hazards wherever they arise. It serves as an ideal complement to other fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers, including mini fire extinguishers, making it a must-have for your home and caravan accessories.


    Premium flame-retardant fire blanket

    Compact design for quick access

    Effective heat and flame barrier

    Clear instructions printed on blanket

    Durable, tear-resistant construction

    Versatile for kitchens, caravans, etc

    Meets safety standards

    Multi-functional: emergency blanket and fire guard

    Essential home and kitchen accessory

    Swiftly suppresses small fires

    • Guarantee - 3 months

    Features and benefits

    • Elevate your safety preparedness with our Fire Blanket - a Flame-Retardant Safety Blanket that's a must-have among your kitchen accessories and caravan equipment. Designed for maximum safety, it's your first response solution, ensuring protection at home, in caravans, and high-risk areas.
    • Compact and lightweight, this fire blanket offers quick access during emergencies. Its rapid unfolding, complemented by integrated loops, makes it an effective partner alongside mini fire extinguisher for immediate action, whether at home or on the road.
    • More than a fire blanket, it's a versatile fire guard. Its premium materials create a heat-resistant barrier against flames, while its tear-resistant construction ensures durability. A dependable emergency blanket or heat protection, it's essential for home and kitchen safety.
    • With easy-to-follow instructions directly printed on the blanket, using it becomes a breeze. Meeting safety standards, this fire blanket is a reliable companion for your home and kitchen, seamlessly fitting into your safety strategy.
    • From emergency situations to everyday protection, this fire blanket harmoniously blends with your home and kitchen. Embrace peace of mind with a solution that encompasses fire blankets, mini fire extinguishers, and more for a holistic approach to safety.


    Pack quantity1
    Product length100mm
    Product width100mm
    Product code5056089535921