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KuKoo Commercial Grease Trap - 120 Litres
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KuKoo Commercial Grease Trap - 120 Litres

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Product details

Product information

    Highly effective, this 120L grease trap is designed to keep your commercial kitchen running smoothly and hygienically.

    Created to capture and separate food waste from oil and water, this under sink interceptor improves the quality of your drainage system. Featuring a substantial 120L capacity, your business can continue operating at peak efficiency without the need to frequently empty the tank.

    The intelligently designed interior incorporates a large basket which captures the food waste upon entry into the trap. Numerous small holes enable water to flow through the basket while the oil content rises to the surface. To ensure maximum grease separation the tank is partitioned by a baffle, creating two distinct sections. With a 2cm clearance below the baffle, water can effortlessly transfer over, segregating it from the oil and directing it to the 50mm outlet on the right-hand side for disposal.

    Maintain a fresh smelling and hygienic environment thanks to the practical nature of this device. The large and easily accessible lid allows for a thorough clean, enhancing not only the hygiene but also the performance of the machine. With two secure bars, the basket can effortlessly be removed from the tank to dispose of the collected food waste. Once the cleaning is complete the lid can be placed back onto the trap and tightly secured using the four spring clips. This combined with the rubber seal will ensure unpleasant odours are contained.

    Constructed with premium quality stainless steel, this grease trap is incredibly durable and built to withstand heavy use in busy commercial environments making it ideal for restaurants, café’s, takeaways, and hotels.

    Upgrade your kitchen drainage system and promote excellent hygiene standards with this super practical 120L grease trap from KuKoo.

    • 1 month Guarantee

    Features and benefits

    • Keep your kitchen running smoothly with this highly efficient 120L grease trap. Compact in size, it will perfectly fit under your sink while the impressive capacity reduces the need to frequently empty the tank so you can focus on the job at hand.
    • Super hard wearing, this professional 120L grease trap is made using high quality stainless-steel which is incredibly durable making it ideal for use in busy commercial environments such as restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and hotels.
    • Effectively separate grease from solid food and wastewater thanks to the large mesh basket and fixed baffle with a 2cm clearance. These practical additions improve the efficiency of the grease trap and ensures your drainage system operates at maximum performance.
    • Cleaning is made easy with the large opening and the intelligently designed interior. The removable basket allows for collected food waste to quickly be disposed of while the 50mm outlet allows for water to effortlessly pass through, preventing build up and allowing it to run steadily.
    • With a durable rubber seal and four secure spring clips, the lid is tightly held in place to prevent any odours escaping the tank. This helps to create a more pleasant and sanitary working environment.


    Pack quantity1
    Product height410mm
    Product length650mm
    Product width450mm
    Product code5055986169215