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Outdoor lanterns are a stylish addition to any outside space, combining form with function, for additional light where you need it most, while also looking chic and enhancing your space when not needed during the day.

Black outdoor lanterns are elegant and practical, offering a solution for increasing light where you need it most. Our range includes a choice of styles and sizes, so you can shop for one perfectly suited to your aesthetics and your needs.

Our solar lanterns have the advantage that they don’t rely on power cables, meaning that they can be placed in a variety of positions away from your property. They also utilise a free energy source, helping you to do your bit for the environment, as well as your budget. We also have a range of battery powered lanterns, which are great if you want to be able to move your outdoor lanterns around easily.

If you’re looking for an energy efficient option LED outdoor lanterns are a great choice, offering plenty of light while remaining inexpensive to run. Our range includes a variety of options including camping lanterns, as well as popular hanging lanterns.