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Security lighting

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Security lights are a simple way to improve safety in both your front and back garden, helping to deter any intruders, and lighting your way as you move around in the evenings so you can avoid any trip hazards.

Sensor security lights are exceptionally popular, and with good reason too. A motion light sensor will come on when movement is detected, which can be very effective at discouraging intruders from paying any unwanted visits from your home and means you don’t need to worry about switching your light off when you come back inside. Some also come with an override feature, so you can keep the light on without movement if you’re outside for an extended period and don’t want to worry about it automatically turning off if you’re away from the sensor.

Choosing the right place to fit your security lighting can be tricky, especially if you’re limited on power sources, which is why we offer some wire-free options. We have a selection of battery powered security lights, which you can easily mount wherever you need additional light the most, or if you’re looking for a more energy efficient option, solar security lights are a great choice and keep running costs down.

LED security lights are another great choice if you want to add light and deter intruders without increasing your utility bills. The technology behind LEDs makes them vastly more energy efficient than more traditional light sources, which means not only will you save on your utility bills, but also means you don’t need to change the bulb as often due to a longer life span.

At B&Q we know you take pride in your home, which is why our range of outside security lights come in a choice of style, colour and price, so you can find something that matches your aesthetic and your budget.