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NJL Aluminium Solar Reflective Roof Coat Paint, Protects Felt, Bitumen, Metal 5L

NJL Aluminium Solar Reflective Roof Coat Paint, Protects Felt, Bitumen, Metal 5L

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Product details

Product information

    NJL Aluminium Solar Reflective Waterproof Roof Coat Paint is a medium viscosity bitumen paint

    reduced with a C9-C12 petroleum derived hydrocarbon. It is made with a flexible oxidised

    roofing bitumen and a high-quality aluminium flake. The product appears bronze in the tin

    but within 24-48 hours of application will turn a brilliant silver as the aluminium “leafs”

    through to the surface of the coating. It works as both an additional waterproof protective

    layer for bituminous systems as well as a life extender to the overall system by way of

    enhanced UV protection. The silver finish offers excellent sunlight reflectivity and thus

    dramatically improves the service life as compared to black bituminous roofing systems prone

    to UV degradation.

    • Guarantee - Statutory

    Features and benefits

    • Prolongs life of roof repairs and bituminous coatings
    • Brushable bituminous bodied aluminium solar paint
    • Reflects light & heat, gives a weatherproof barrier when dry
    • Reduces heat absorbtion
    • Solar reflective
    • Apply over bitumen, primed metals, roofs & walls

    Legal Information

    • All components are REACH (Reg. (EC) No 1907/2006) registered. The product does not contain any Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). Product is classified as hazardous according to the CLP Regulation (Reg. (EC) No 1272/2008). Refer to the Product Safety Data Sheet for recommended safety precautions. It is recommended the end user wear safety glasses, safety gloves and protective clothing during application. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling or using the product.


    Active substancesWhite Spirit
    Application methodBrush, roller or spray
    Colour groupSilver
    Container typeTin
    Coverage per litre8m²/L
    Curing time24h
    Drying time2-4 h
    Number of coats2
    Paint base densityLight base
    Product weight5000g
    Recoat time24 hours
    Surface preparationCorrect preparation is essential for the successful application of coatings such as NJL Aluminium Solar Reflective Waterproof Roof Coat Paint . All cracked, broken, slipped or missing slates, tiles, sheets or other forms of covering should be replaced or re-fixed and cracks in felt or asphalt filled. Roof surfaces to be coated should be dry, sound, stable and free from loose debris, dirt, dust and grease. All traces of algae and fungi must be physically removed and the area then treated with FUNGICIDAL WASH.
    VOC details450g/L
    VOC levelHigh
    Product code5060502360403