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Pet Agility Training Equipment 4 in 1 Set for Play, Run, Jump - Adjustable Dog Agility Equipment (Pole + Hoop +Hurdle) & Carry Bag
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Pet Agility Training Equipment 4 in 1 Set for Play, Run, Jump - Adjustable Dog Agility Equipment (Pole + Hoop +Hurdle) & Carry Bag

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Product information

    "Transform Your Pet's Training with The Dog Obstacle Course! Elevate their agility and well-being through a comprehensive and enjoyable experience. Strengthen your bond with exercises, show training, dog jumps, and more. Agility equipment for dogs, including high jumps and weave poles, lets you create dynamic routines anywhere – park, backyard, or on trips. Easy to store, ensuring no space wastage when not in use. Upgrade your pet's training adventure today!"

    • Guarantee - 1 year

    Features and benefits

    • Well-Being Boost: Elevate your pets agility training using our dynamic dog agility set, enhancing physical abilities, and mental sharpness. Encourage exploration of new challenges and reach greater heights in agility training, extending your pet's life and improving health, appetite, and behavior.
    • Effortless Setup: Set up and dismantle our Obedience Training Set with ease, whether you're at the park, field, or backyard. Always be prepared for training sessions, enabling more quality bonding time with your pet and less struggle with complicated setup procedures.
    • Lasting Durability: Crafted from rugged plastic, our agility jumper withstands energetic jumps and bounds. Dog agility equipment set includes a high jumper(92x72 cm), a jumping ring(92x72 cm), 6 weave poles(97x66x72 cm), and a square pause box(70 x 70 cm), enhancing your pet's agility through play.
    • Easy Portability: Take your agility training equipment for dogs anywhere with our agility jumper and its convenient sports bag. Pack it for the park, beach, or any outdoor space, ensuring your pet always has access to stimulating activities. The space-saving design allows for easy storage when not in use.
    • Bond Strengthening: Engage in interactive play and training sessions with our dog agility jumps, fostering a stronger bond between you and your furry friend. Promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being through daily exercise, enjoying quality time together while nurturing their physical and mental development.


    Animal suitabilityDog
    Carry case/bag includedCarry case/bag included
    Number of pieces4
    Product code5060947059788