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Slumberdown Wonderful Wool Single Duvet Temp Regulating 10-14 Tog Heavyweight Winter Quilt 2 Wool Pillows 100% Wool Cotton Cover
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Slumberdown Wonderful Wool Single Duvet Temp Regulating 10-14 Tog Heavyweight Winter Quilt 2 Wool Pillows 100% Wool Cotton Cover


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Product information

    This Slumberdown Wonderful Wool Duvet is filled with 100% British wool. Wool fibres act like a spring, meaning they can continuously resist pressure and flattening and still bounce back, which makes wool a perfect filling for duvets. Wool fibre is incredibly complex and made up of lots of different layers which create pockets that trap air and help to circulate heat, enhancing insulation and warmth. It absorbs the sweat we produce during the night, then releases it when the atmosphere is dry, keeping skin dry and comfortable. As well as this, wool breathes naturally and constantly adjusts to external conditions, which helps to regulate temperature and ensure comfort. All these characteristics make this single Wonderful Wool duvet from Slumberdown a great choice for all seasons. To enhance the effects of this impressive filling, the Wonderful Wool duvet has a 100% cotton cover. Also naturally breathable, the cotton ensures that the benefits of the wool filling are not lost – working harmoniously together to deliver an optimum sleep environment for you all year round.

    • Not machine washable
    • Instructions for care - WASHING MACHINE & DRYER FRIENDLY - We want to make life easier for you, that’s why this product is washing machine and tumble drier friendly, so it can be back on your bed as quickly as you need it.

    Features and benefits

    • DELIVERY - Fast & free delivery 7 days a week (excluding bank holidays)
    • BETTER FOR SLEEP: sleeping under a wool filled duvet is scientifically proven to give you 25% better REM sleep. If you need a good nights sleep but struggle with night sweats, hot weather or maybe the menopause then this quilt is perfect for you.
    • HYPOALLERGENIC: with no added chemicals this quilted wool blanket actively repels dust mites, mould spores and bacteria - the cause of so many allergy symptoms. It is also naturally odour resistant and fire retardant.
    • ECO FRIENDLY: wool is 100% natural, renewable and recyclable. When a sheep is sheared its fleece quickly grows back and is therefore sustainable.
    • THERMO-REGULATING: sheep wool is 50% better than any other fibre at wicking away moisture caused by overheating. Wool can create a personal ‘microclimate’, circulating air around each sleeper, to keep you warm (or cool) and comfortably dry. The 'wool effect' is further enhanced with a breathable 100% cotton cover.
    • MADE IN THE UK: manufactured in Yorkshire by a family business with over 100 years experience in bedding.
    • A BETTER TOMORROW: Our products help save the equivalent of 750 Million plastic bottles from landfill each year


    Bed sizeSingle
    Cover materialCotton
    Length (mm)2000mm
    Pack quantity3
    Width (mm)1350mm
    Product code5061016120187