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Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder - Pond Sealer 2.5kg
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Sodium Bentonite Clay Powder - Pond Sealer 2.5kg

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    Sodium Bentonite is used in foundry, metallurgy, well drilling slurry, oil, agriculture. Bentonite is also used in chemical industry, environmental protection, zoology construction, ecological construction, building, paper making, textile. Bentonite also can be used in printing & dyeing, ceramics etc.

    This clay is Engineering grade and suitable for use in engineering projects. It is commonly used for sealing ponds, lakes, landfill sites, lagoons etc (see below).

      Features and benefits

        Sodium bentonite is a type of clay that is often used for pond sealing and lining applications. It is a natural clay material that swells when it comes into contact with water, making it an effective sealant to prevent water from leaking out of a pond. Here are some key points to consider when using sodium bentonite for pond sealing:

        Sealing Properties: Sodium bentonite is known for its excellent sealing properties. When it is properly applied and hydrated, it can form a waterproof barrier that prevents water from seeping through the pond's soil or substrate.

        Application: Sodium bentonite is typically applied in a powdered form. It is spread evenly over the pond's surface and then hydrated by adding water. The clay particles swell and bond together to create an impermeable barrier.

        Proper Thickness: It's important to apply the right thickness of sodium bentonite to ensure an effective seal. The recommended thickness can vary depending on the specific needs and conditions of your pond, so it's a good idea to consult with a geotechnical engineer or pond sealing expert.

        Soil Preparation: Proper soil preparation is crucial for successful pond sealing. The existing soil should be cleared of debris, roots, and rocks. Compaction is also important to ensure that the bentonite seal remains intact.

        Water Source: A reliable water source is necessary to hydrate the bentonite. Make sure you have access to enough water to saturate the bentonite thoroughly.

        Professional Assistance: For larger ponds or complex projects, it's often advisable to seek the assistance of professionals who have experience in pond sealing with sodium bentonite.

        Maintenance: Over time, the effectiveness of the sodium bentonite seal may decrease, especially if the pond is subject to significant water level fluctuations or if there is erosion. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential to address any issues that may arise.

        • Pond Sealer
        • zoology construction
        • Well drilling slurry
        • binding agent
        • Lake Sealer


        Product length1mm
        Product width1mm
        Product code6822845997086