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Texas Club 30cm BBQ Pizza Baking Stone
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Texas Club 30cm BBQ Pizza Baking Stone

Sold & shipped by GIETO GROUP LTD

Available online only and not stocked in B&Q stores

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Product details

Product information

    Introducing the Texas Club 30cm BBQ Pizza Baking Stone – your ticket to achieving pizza perfection right in your own backyard!

    Crafted with premium quality materials, this pizza stone is built to last, ensuring countless memorable meals with family and friends. But it's not just for pizzas – its versatile design allows you to take your grilling game to the next level. Grill up delicious bread, vegetables, and more with ease, all while enjoying the unbeatable flavor that only a stone-cooked meal can provide.

    One of the standout features of our pizza stone is its exceptional heat distribution. No more worrying about unevenly cooked pizzas or burnt crusts. This stone ensures that every slice is a slice of perfection, with a crispy crust and toppings cooked to perfection.

    But the benefits don't stop there – our pizza stone is a master of heat retention. Keep your creations warm and flavorful for longer, so you can savor every bite without rushing through your meal.

    Cleaning up after a satisfying meal has never been easier. Simply scrape off any residue and rinse with water – no need for harsh chemicals or endless scrubbing. It's convenience and great taste rolled into one.

    Whether you're firing up the barbecue for a summer cookout or preparing a cozy meal in the oven, this stone is your trusty companion. It's designed to excel in both settings, ensuring you get the same fantastic results every time.

    • Guarantee - Statutory

    Features and benefits

    • Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality materials, our Texas Club pizza baking stone ensures durability and long-lasting performance.
    • Versatile Design: This 30cm diameter stone is perfect for baking delicious pizzas, but it's also versatile enough to use for grilling other mouthwatering dishes like bread, veggies, and more.
    • Even Heat Distribution: Experience even heat distribution across the stone's surface, resulting in perfectly cooked pizzas with crispy crusts every time.
    • Heat Retention: The stone retains heat exceptionally well, keeping your food warm for longer and enhancing its flavour.
    • Easy to Clean: Cleaning is a breeze; simply scrape off any residue and rinse with water – no need for harsh chemicals or scrubbing.
    • BBQ and Oven Compatibility: Whether you're grilling on your barbecue or baking in your oven, this stone is designed to excel in both settings.
    • Family-Sized: With a generous 30cm diameter, it's ideal for making large, delicious pizzas that can satisfy the whole family or a group of friends.
    • Great Gift Idea: This pizza baking stone makes an excellent gift for any BBQ or pizza enthusiast, ensuring they can create restaurant-quality pizzas at home.


    Product length300mm
    Product thickness15mm
    Product weight2400g
    Product width300mm
    Product code4779039710551