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Timbashield Decking Protector 5 litres (Natural)
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Timbashield Decking Protector 5 litres (Natural)

Sold & shipped by A-Chem Limited

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Product information

    Decking Protector is low odour, non flammable and contains low levels of VOCs.

    Available in a range of natural colours that brighten, re-colour and enriches the natural appearance with UV absorbing pigments that help to prevent further aging.

    Timbashield Decking Protector also extends the lifespan of the wood by adding a film that is resistant to fungal growth.

    Note: The finished surface is influenced by several factors including wood species, previous treatments that may have been used, and the condition of the wood, therefore a trial application is always required.

    • Decking
    • Suitable for Wood
    • Weather-resistant
    • Instructions for Use - Surface Preparation Shake / mix well before use and frequently during application (thorough mixing is needed to ensure a consistent colour throughout the treatment). New Bare Timber Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from contamination. Previously Coated Decking Boards Decking Protector has been designed to be used on bare, uncoated decking boards so it can soak deeply into the wood fibres and give optimum performance. Any old, loose or peeling coatings should be sanded back and the quality of the sanding will influence the finished result. If previous coatings are not entirely removed the product may not be fully absorbed, potentially causing patchiness. Surfaces already coated with Timbashield Decking Protector should be allowed to naturally weather for at least a year and do not need the additional sanding step and just need to be thoroughly cleaned before reapplication. Old Decking Boards Panels that have decayed or become damaged should be removed and replaced. Brush with a stiff brush to remove any dirt that has become ingrained. Mould, algae and fungi must be removed and treated with a suitable wood cleaner. Please note that the condition of the decking boards will influence the final colour and appearance. A test patch is always recommended. Application Only apply the product onto wood that is fully dry. Ensure the temperature is between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius and there is no imminent rain forecast. Do not apply in damp or humid conditions. Failure to meet these requirements may adversely affect the drying and durability of the finish. Storage and Shelf The product should be stored in frost- free conditions. Recommended shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture. If you wish to use the product after this time, stir well and trial before use.
    • Guarantee - 1 year

    Features and benefits

      "A high-performance water-based decking stain made from a blend of waxes and natural oils to provide long term exterior protection for softwood decking.


      • Designed as a low VOC, high performing alternative to traditional decking oils with superior performance.
      • Deeply penetrates into the wood to enhance resistance to water swelling that can cause wood cracking and warping.
      • The stain leaves a natural surface appearance and leaves a coating that will not crack, flake or blister.
      • Long lasting and durable, Timbashield Decking Protector maintains a high level of water resistance on horizontal surfaces that are prone to extended contact with water.


      Drying time1 day
      Recoat time4-6 hours
      Application methodBrush
      VOC levelLow
      DurabilityHeavy duty
      Product code5060289630560