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V33 Renovation Carbon Metallic Satinwood Radiator & appliance paint, 750ml

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V33 Renovation Carbon Metallic Satinwood Radiator & appliance paint, 750ml
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Product details

Product information

Restoring your radiators and appliances has never been more simple with the V33 Radiator & Household Appliance paint.

  • For use on Radiators
  • Surface Preparation - Preparation of the surface is essential. Washing the surface with a soda-based or sugar soap (alkaline) cleaner is crucial. Aluminium, metal, cast iron, stainless steel: Use a degreaser to clean the surface , then wash, rinse, and allow to dry. Aluminium, metal, cast iron, stainless steel ( already painted with a solvent based paint) and PVC: wash, rinse thoroughly with clean water and leave to dry. Then sand lightly with a 240 grit abrasive and remove dust.
  • Instructions for Use - Apply the paint at room temperature between 12 and 25°C and avoid draughts. 1. Stir the paint with a stirrer or wide stick, working around the bottom of the tin to mix it well. 2. Start by painting the angles, moldings and joints of the surface. Work on small surfaces. Apply from one end to the other. Follow with successive cross strokes. Do not start 2nd coat while it's still drying. Leave to dry for 6h (do not exceed 12h) and apply a 2nd coat in the same way. A 3rd coat may be requireddepending on the surface and colour.
  • Guarantee - Statutory

Features and benefits

V33 Radiator & Household Appliance paint can be applied direct to metal or PVC, providing a perfect, long lasting finish which is highly resistant to all of the bumps and scratches your radiators and household appliances can take.

  • 2-in-1 paint which requires no undercoat
  • High Adhesion, can be applied direct to metal
  • High Resistance to temperature variation
  • Ultra Washable for easy maintenance and resistant to household cleaning products


Application methodBrush or roller
ColourCarbon Metallic
Container typeTub
Drying time24 h
Recoat time6 hours
Minimum touch dry time1h
VOC levelLow
Product code3153895182034