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Tomato Plant feed Liquid 100m² 1L

Tomato Plant feed Liquid 100m² 1L

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Tomato Plant feed Liquid 100m² 1L
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Tomato Plant feed Liquid 100m² 1L

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Product details

Product information

    Our Natural Tomato Liquid Plant Food contains no animal by-products and provides an organic and vegan friendly solution for feeding plants. The unique formulation is specifically designed to put goodness back into the soil for strong healthy growth. This Tomato Liquid Plant Food is enriched with seaweed which helps keep your plants healthy and disease-free.

    • Please store in a cool, dry, frost-free place. Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 30 degrees C
    • Please follow instructions on packaging

    Features and benefits

    • Our seaweed is processed without the use of chemicals to maximise all the wonderful nutrients found in it. But not only that, the seaweed used in all of our MamaTerra fertilisers is sustainably hand harvested, using traditional methods from the Atlantic coast of Ireland. These traditional methods ensure the rapid regeneration of the seaweed plants for future generations.
    • Provides organic nutrients for healthier growth and bigger, tastier crops
    • Suitable for tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and aubergine plants


    Period for useAll year round
    Weight (g)1000g
    Material stateLiquid
    CompositionNK 3.6-6.2
    Container height250mm
    Container length120mm
    Application methodWatering can
    IngredientsVinasse, Seaweed
    Product weight1000g
    Ready for useRequires mixing before use
    Product code5063022034687