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Create a designated dining area within your home with a complete dining set. Enjoy a sit-down meal with family, host a game night, or create a space for memorable gatherings with a dining table set. Pairing a dining table with complimentary chairs creates a coordinated and cohesive look in your dining area, exuding the essence of luxury and sophistication. We host a vast collection of dining table sets to choose from in a variety of styles. The style of your dining set will help to set the overall vibe of your space, from a formal dining area to a relaxed and everyday space. Whether you’d prefer a traditional dining set, a modern dining set or a Scandinavian dining set, you’ll find the perfect style to suit your interior aesthetic with ease.

Size need not be an issue when searching for your perfect piece, as we sell dining suites in a multitude of sizes to fit any space. From large dining sets for spacious dining rooms to smaller dining sets for breakfast nooks, we host varieties suitable for any occasion. A dining table and chairs set will be a significant investment in your home, serving as the centrepiece of your dining area and setting the tone for shared meals and memorable gatherings. Elevate the overall ambience of your home and revel in the luxury of a unified dining furniture collection in just one purchase at B&Q today.

How much room for a dining table and chairs?

The amount of room required for a comfortable dining furniture set up will depend on various factors, including the table shape, number of chairs, and your available space. As a general guideline, we recommend allowing for a minimum of 90cm clearance between the edge of the table and the wall or other furniture, providing enough space for chairs to be pulled out and for people to move around with ease. Ensure an adequate chair spacing of roughly 60cm per person, allowing comfortable dining without feeling too cramped. Of course, the shape of your table is an important factor, with square tables benefitting from a compact footprint as opposed to rectangular or oval tables that require more room lengthwise. These guidelines will provide a great starting point, but it is essential to adapt them to your specific needs and dimensions of your dining area.