How to use the Valspar paint mixing service


Colour is crucial to making you feel at home. Reflecting your personality, creating a mood and bringing out the best in the furniture, art or decor that you love - the right colour can make all the difference. So why let somebody else choose the colour for you? We know that choosing your colour is the start of every project, so we want you to be free to let your imagination inspire you. That's why we've introduced Valspar® Colour Matching to B&Q stores across the country.


Valspar uses incredible colour matching technology to create paint in any colour that the eye can see - that's an amazing 2.2 million colours. From wallpaper to fabric, your favourite flowers to your children's toys, if you can bring in a sample, our team will match the colour.

You can use our colour matching service in stores or you can use browse our full Valspar range online.

FREE Service

Whether you are redecorating a whole room, want to take some colour outdoors or want to add a unique personal colour to a kitchen or bathroom, with Valspar, we can match the colour and create the paint you need.

Creating your personalised colour is free and we can keep it on file until you are ready to start your project. We also offer tester pots at £3 so you can try out a series of colours to try the look you want.

1) Choose your sample colour

Find a sample of the colour you would like matched. This could be anything from a piece of fabric or wallpaper, your favourite item of clothing, or home accessories that you'd like to co-ordinate your paint with.

Valspar colour matching

2) Check we can use it

The Valspar colour matching team can match a colour from most samples. Just make sure the item is a solid colour and avoid anything really shiny. As long as the surface area is 0.5cm in diameter, we can match it.

3) Bring your sample into store

When you've found your colour and selected a sample, bring it into any B&Q store which offers Valspar colour mixing.

Once you've chosen your colour, all you need to do is choose the right paint product for your project. Your unique colour-matched colour can be mixed into any high-quality paint products.

Premium Paint Paint & Primer in One (Walls & Ceilings)

Advanced formula for our best application, coverage and finish.

  • Paint & Primer in One
  • Premium paints feature Super-Scrub formula, to allow you to wash and scrub the finished painted surface
  • Maximum durability
  • Washable & stain-resistant
  • Durable coverage
  • Easy clean up
  • Available in tester pots 236ml, 1L, 2.5L and 5L
  • Matt, Mid-Sheen (exclusive to Premium) and Silk finishes

Standard Paint Walls & Ceilings

High quality, Low-VOC emulsion.

  • Washable & stain-resistant
  • Colour stays true, non-yellowing
  • Available in 2.5L and 5L
  • Matt and Silk finishes

Kitchen & Bathroom Paint

High quality, maximum-durability paint, resistant to stains, mould and mildew.

  • Ideal for rooms exposed to high humidity and frequent cleaning
  • Resists stains & mould
  • Maximum durability
  • Colour stays true, non-yellowing
  • Available in: 2.5L
  • Soft Sheen finish


A smooth emulsion designed to protect and decorate the outside of your home, providing complete protection with the confidence of a 15-year, high-performance guarantee.

  • Mould-and-algae resistant film
  • Protection against cracking, flaking and peeling
  • 15-year, high-performance guarantee
  • Available in: 2.5L and 5L
  • Smooth finish

Wood & Metal Trim

This tough and durable paint is easy to clean and gives a mould-resistant coating, providing complete protection with the confidence of a 15-year, high-performance guarantee.

  • Mould-resistant coating
  • 15-year, high-performance guarantee
  • Colours stays true, non-yellowing
  • Available in: 1L and 2.5L
  • Satin and Gloss finishes

To find out whether your local store offers a Valspar paint mixing service, use our store finder tool.