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Built-in Washer dryers

If space is a premium in your home, then our built in washer dryers will be a great match for you. Their built in fitting means they can deliver a sleek and minimalist feel to your kitchen or utility space as the appliance is tucked away into a cabinet – saving you valuable floor space. Not only does a built in washer dryer save you space as its two appliances in one, but they also work powerfully to meet your washing and drying needs. Each model boasts a variety of features to make laundry easier such as the KG mode which uses sensor technology to weigh the load at the beginning of the cycle the adjusts the time, water and power accordingly – saving you time and money. Other features include the impressive smaller wash load programme which allows you to wash and dry up to 1.5kg of clothes in 59 minutes. You can narrow down your choice with multiple well known brands to choose from and different drying and washing capacities, so you can pick the best model for your home.

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