Flogas gas bottlesFlogas gas bottlesFlogas gas bottlesFlogas gas bottles

Flogas bottles

Everything you need to know

B&Q is a registered outlet of Flogas Butane and Propane gas.

You can buy your gas bottles from most B&Q stores and, if you are already one of our Flogas customers, you can place an online order to Click + Collect your gas bottle in store.  

Just follow the simple steps below to reserve your Flogas.

  6kg Leisure Gas 11kg Leisure Gas 7kg Butane Gas 13kg Butane Gas
New service agreement & refill £80.99 £92.99 £77.00 £94.00
Refill (existing customers only) £35.99 £47.99 £32.00 £49.00


  • Butane: Suitable for indoor use, most notably used to power indoor portable heaters. Butane doesn’t operate when the temperature drops below freezing therefore we would only recommend outdoor use in the warmer months.
  • Leisure Gas (Propane): Suitable for BBQs and pizza ovens. Propane is suitable for outdoor use and can handle temperatures well below zero degrees, therefore making it the perfect fuel for all outdoor applications.


Tip:  Flogas cylinders have the same valves as their equivalent Calor cylinder, no need to change your regulator.

Replacing your empty Flogas bottle?

Bring your empty Flogas bottle to store

Step 1

Either place a Click + Collect order for a refill or visit your local store. Don't forget to bring your empty bottle with you to replace with a full one.
Step 2 go to checkout with your old Flogas bottle

Step 2

Upon arrival, place your empty Flogas bottle in a suitable trolley. If you have placed a gas refill order online, you can go to the Click + Collect area to pick it up, otherwise go straight to the checkout area.
Step 3 swap you old flogas bottle for a new one

Step 3

For Click + Collect orders, just give the store colleague your reservation number. if you’re buying a new bottle in store let the store colleague know you’d like to replace your empty Flogas bottle for a full one. They will arrange for your old bottle to be taken away and a new one brought out to you.
Step 4 pay for your new Flogas bottle

Step 4

Once your order has been processed, immediately leave the store and put the full bottle in your car. Once you’ve done this, you are welcome to come back into the store to continue shopping.

Buying a gas BBQ and a Flogas bottle?

Step 1

Step 1

Go to your local store and choose the BBQ you want to buy. Then let a store colleague know you’d also like to purchase a Flogas bottle with your new BBQ
Step 2

Step 2

A store colleague will bring your new Flogas bottle to the checkout. You will need to purchase a New Flogas hire agreement and then pay for the gas bottle you require
Step 3

Step 3

You will be given a copy of a Legal & Safety leaflet. This contains key information on how to look after and store your bottle safely. If you wish, you can register your new agreement with Flogas by completing the back of the form at home and sending it to Flogas (freepost) at your own convenience. This will enable Flogas to contact you directly in the unlikely event that they would need to recall at batch of cylinders
Step 4

Step 4

Once paid, immediately leave the store to put your new gas bottle in your car. Once you’ve done this, you are welcome to come back into the store to continue shopping

Flogas exchange policy

  • At B&Q there is one uniform charge for the Flogas steel cylinders. You can swap between sizes without the need to purchase a new agreement each time.
  • You do not need to produce any paperwork if you are exchanging a Flogas owned cylinder
  • Should you no longer require the use of your Flogas cylinder, they can be returned to your local B&Q store where you will receive a £10 refund. Alternatively you can contact Flogas directly on 0800 574 574 for collection. NOTE – No refund is available from Flogas.