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Whether you call them string lights, party lights, or even fairy lights, the one thing that can be agreed on is that they are a great addition to any space. At B&Q we have a wide range of styles available to match your tastes, including popular festoon lights, which work well outdoors and with vintage inspired décor. We also stock a variety of novelty string lights, ideal for both children’s birthday parties and adult celebrations.

You’ll find our range includes both indoor string lights, which are a huge hit in children’s rooms, as well as outdoor string lights to enhance your garden. We also have multicolour string lights, if you can’t pick just one colour!

Battery powered string lights are great to use in spaces where there’s no other power source available, giving you the flexibility to put the lights exactly where you want them, while mains powered string lights are a great choice if you know you want to use them near a plug.

We appreciate everyone is currently trying to do their best to reduce energy consumption, which is why we offer energy efficient LED string lights, which have the added benefit of long-lasting bulbs. You’ll also find solar powered string lights which are ideal for creating a garden fit for entertaining throughout the summer months.

Why are string lights so popular?

String lights can adapt to your tastes and intended aesthetic, from soft and romantic, to playful and quirky. They’re our most flexible and convenient lighting, from their easy instalment to their ability to interchange wherever necessary, for use both inside and outside the home. Research shows that seeing a little string of lights releases dopamine, the feel-good chemicals in our brains, making string lights the happiest lights of all. From LED string lights to multicolour string lights, you’ll find an option perfect for your space here.


What are feeston lights?

Derived from the Latin word ‘festum’, which describes garlands and wreaths hung at celebrations, feeston lights are large bulb string lights designed to illuminate outdoor spaces. They offer a stylish traditional aesthetic to outdoor spaces while providing functional illumination, ideal for large open spaces as well as quaint gardens. Feeston lights are often referred to as party lights, café lights, and most commonly, string lights, yet they all follow the same principle: small lights attached to a string which are used for ambient illuminated decoration.