Chris and Anna's kitchenChris and Anna's kitchenChris and Anna's kitchenChris and Anna's kitchen
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Inside Chris & Anna's real kitchen

Take a virtual tour through Chris and Anna's kitchen with our 360 panoramic kitchen tool - and check out their kitchen style.

Anna tells us about her B&Q kitchen

"The thing that is most important for us in our B&Q kitchen is the sense of space it has given us as a family. We have this great open feel to the kitchen so that when we are cooking or preparing meals we can all be in the same room together.

Oh, and I couldn't live without my hot tap, I absolutely love it!  It is so quick to make a cup of tea in the morning, it's great for prepping veg, I don't know how I lived without it".

What makes Chris and Anna's kitchen special to them?


Integrated appliances

Appliances are often the centrepiece of the kitchen, so we want them to stand out, whilst combining fuss-free cooking with easy use. 

GoodHome integrated appliances offer a range of intuitive features to make cooking easier, including colour co-ordinated trims, oven pre-set features and high quality glass across the range.

All GoodHome appliances are rigorously tested and offer a 5 year guarantee. 

cooker hoods

Hobs and hoods

Our hobs and hoods are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, helping you live smarter.

Featuring low noise cooker hoods which have long lasting dimmable LED lights and multifunctional hobs with timers, rapid heat boosts and automatic switch off for safety, you can be sure that you will find the right appliances for your home.

hot tap

Sinks and taps 

Composite quartz sinks are one of the most solid and robust choices for a kitchen sink - they're hard-wearing, stylish and resistant to scratches and heat.  Dark grey co-ordinates beautifully with a light coloured worktop and cabinets, giving a focal point in your kitchen. 

Hot water taps are a convenient addition to a main kitchen tap, with instant, steaming hot water available at any time without taking up valuable worktop space.


GoodHome Soto drawers

Designed to optimise all of your space, our GoodHome Soto drawers combine function and style.  Tested for durability and weight lode (up to 35g) Soto drawers come with a 25 year guarantee.

With drawers available in two depths, standard and deep, its easy to store everyday items such as cutlery or cups, as well as larger items like pots and pans. All our drawers are easy to build and install with soft close runners and 16mm thick drawer bases.