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Hi there. We're the digital content team, and we’re on a mission to provide you with motivational content that will engage, inspire, and educate you to improve your homes. We’re busy beavering away and researching the latest décor trends and DIY advice to bring you a fantastic selection of buying guides, how-to guides, and inspirational articles. Have a little scroll and get to know us!

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Michelle Lucas

Digital Content Manager

Michelle is our digital content manager and editor. With many years’ experience of writing and editing content - both online and printed - she has a passion for home decor and enjoys being able to create content to help people with their home and garden projects.  Michelle's love for musical theatre and singing has given her the opportunity of visiting one of her favourite places, New York, where she has performed with her UK based singing group at Carnegie Hall!  In her quieter moments, you’ll find her at home searching for new trends and inspiration online, reading epic fantasy novels over a cup of cappuccino or harmonising (loudly) to her favourite Stevie Nicks songs.

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Ellie Reeves

Digital Content Writer

Ellie is a creative copywriter with nearly five years’ experience writing about home décor and DIY. In the last decade, she has worked as a freelance writer for a variety of online publications. Now a resident writer for, Ellie researches and produces content about everything from the latest kitchen trends to upcycling furniture. She has a penchant for crafts, interior design, and freshly brewed coffee. If she’s not at home curled up with her favourite book, you’ll find her searching for the latest addition to her houseplant collection (either that or on a plane halfway across the globe).

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Tom Drake

Digital Content Writer

A digital copywriter with over 5 years’ experience, Tom has written for several publications on a wide range of topics. He now crafts content for B&Q on subjects ranging from DIY and home improvement, to the latest industry trends. Tom has a passion for upcycling and will always see treasure where someone else sees trash. With a strong belief in a ‘do it yourself’ attitude, he loves helping people gain the skills and confidence to take on tasks themselves. When he’s not writing, you’ll usually find Tom cycling, playing football or paddling around in his kayak.