10x8 Woodvale Apex roof Metal Shed

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Product Information

This Woodvale 10x8 apex Metal shed is ideal for securely protecting and storing garden essentials.

  • Galvanized
  • Double Lockable sliding doors
  • Comes with - Shed floor and Fixings supplied
  • 10 years Manufacturers guarantee against rust perforation

Features and Benefits

  • Painted and galvanised to give great resistance to rot and decay
  • Made using responsibly sourced, Forest Friendly timber
  • A padlock door closure is included to keep your possessions secure - padlock sold separately
  • This shed is supplied flat packed with comprehensive fitting instructions and fixings provided - 2 people are required to build this shed
  • We recommend that sheds are sited on pre-laid, level, solid and dry ground, with a foundation of either a wooden shed base, concrete or paving to give a stable and even footing for your shed to sit on
  • The dimensions given refer to the external dimensions of the product unless otherwise stated

Health and Safety

Please note that this item has additional safety or regulatory datasheets available. The product may have possible health and safety hazards covered in these documents. Refer to the container for full information and always follow the instructions.


Height (mm)2090mm
Width (m)3.13m
Depth (m)2.42m
Number of doors2
Number of fixed windows0
Roof DesignApex roof
Made inUSA
Surface finishPainted
Timber approvalFSC® approved
Timber certificateTT-COC-003110
Product code5013856015505


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3.5 / 5(2 reviews)

Complicated assembly and poor quality construction

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ShedBuilder78 - 4 years ago

I do not recommend this shed.

I bought this shed understanding assembly would be required, but I didn't expect it to require two people working two full days to assemble. I am an Engineer but not a DIY professional; this is not a project for the feint hearted and many others would have given up before completion. You can't stop part way through - once you've started the frame assembly outside you have to complete it even if the weather changes. It also means if a part arrives damaged you can't do much until the replacement is delivered (free of charge the following Monday but that halted construction that weekend so the kit of bits had to be stored in my house).

An important note if you buy the wooden floor pack: It comes with NO instructions and goes underneath the shed, not inside. When I saw the awful quality of the floor pack I thought it went inside and it had to be modified after shed construction was complete to achieve this. Even if it had been installed under the shed it came with no method to anchor the shed frame to the floor so over time the shed would just slide off it!

It is a bit like an adult version of the well known Children's metal construction kits. To give you an idea it comes with over 500 bolts+screws (plus a plentiful bag of spares - a good touch).

To give an idea of the design quality:
1. The apex of the roof sheets is sealed with (provided) silver tape.
2. It took a lot of jimmying to get things to line up due to the flimsy quality. You need a determined mind to get screws/bolts to line up with holes - especially when a bolt goes through 6 pieces of metal.
3. The instructions are at best average; while fairly reasonable at the start the detail reduces in quality at the end when the roof is added (the hardest part of the construction). In parts the instructions were so poor I had to figure it out myself.
4. 10 screws wouldn't tap and had to be discarded. 15 self tapping holes had the threads taken off by the screws and had to be converted to bolt and nut.
5. It has no guttering (nor any option to install same) which makes it useless for filling a water butt, and leaves the rain running off the roof and down the sides.

The biggest disappointment was the complete lack of security. I know sheds aren't the most secure of buildings but since they will likely hold things like bikes and lawn mowers they should at least have basic security. I would have expected reinforced padlock holes built into the metal doors. On this shed the two plastic door handles padlock together - each is held on with two small bolts easily loosened from the outside with a screwdriver (that's if you're too lazy to just snap off the handles). You wouldn't have to force entry to get inside.

The resulting shed does seem sturdy but I've not tested longevity. I doubt it will feel so sturdy in a year or two when all those self tapping screws and tiny bolts, that hold the structure and flimsy wall pieces together, have had a chance to work loose in the wind and rain.

Bottom line - I would definitely not recommend the shed for the price paid (£520). If I had seen it before purchase I would have looked elsewhere. The construction quality is terrible, the floor pack came with no instructions (or anchoring kit) and it requires advanced DIY skills to construct.

Rowlinson 10x8 Woodvale Metal Shed

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Arnie1966 - 5 years ago

Excellent purchase. It took a weekend to erect for 2 people, but this could of been shorter if wasn't for the bad weather. The down side is the thickness of the panels. They are quite flimsy & need to be handled carefully. The instructions were quite straight forward & there were plenty of fixings. The shed was bought with a floor which comes in 4no. 8'x21/2' timber framed panels. I'm now thinking of getting a second.