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Blyss 10 Underwood heating mat

£11.90 per M2
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Product Details

Product Information

  • Guarantee - 5 year

Features and Benefits

Electrical underfloor heating which brings comfort and a luxury feel to your home. It features a constant and homogenous warmth and the thermostatic control allows to save energy and money. The underwood heating mat is especially designed for wood, laminate, carpet and PVC floor.

  • Thermal Efficiency : 150W/m² provide a constant and homogeneous warmth. The heating cable is encased in an aluminum casing that optimises heating performance
  • Energy Saving : Thermostatic control of the room temperature.
  • Space Saving : Remove need of a bulky radiator
  • Easy to maintain : No maintenance. The rising heat distribution avoids the mixing of air that makes the dust fly.

Technical Specifications

StandardEN 55014, EN 61000, EN 60343
Width (mm)500mm
Length (m)20m
MaterialAluminum screen with FEP insulated polyamide heating element
Product code3663602690122