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Frost Protection Garden Fleece Plant Winter Cover Crop trees 50GSM 1.6m x 5m
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Frost Protection Garden Fleece Plant Winter Cover Crop trees 50GSM 1.6m x 5m

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Product information

    Winter white cover - 50gsm

    Most of us will most often use agrotextiles to cover plants for the winter. Agrotextile will protect our shrubs, trees or even vines against frost and cold, drying wind. To cover plants for the winter, a white agrotextile with a thickness of 50g/m² is used (this means that a square meter of agrotextile weighs 50g), often sold under the name winter agrotextile.

    In home gardens and plots, the winter agrotextile is used to protect conifers, roses, cover vines, heaths, rhododendrons and other species that are not resistant to the negative effects of winter. Plants located in places exposed to frosty, drying wind (e.g. on terraces and balconies, as well as in open spaces) require special protection. Such a cover will be very useful in snowless winters, when plants are deprived of a protective layer of snow. In the cultivation on the plot, the winter agrotextile is also used to protect many species of vegetables (wintering parsley, leek, spinach).

    When covering the bushes, the plants are gently wrapped with agrotextile, so that it covers them tightly from the base to the top. The agrotextile does not have a "right" or "left" side, it does not matter which side we spread the agrotextile. After covering the plant, we fasten the agrotextile by tying it with a string or fastening its edges with a stapler. At the base of the plant, cover the agrotextile around with soil, so that the wind cannot blow it away. You can also pin it with long nails with a washer.

    For most plants that require cover for the winter, the winter agrotextile should be applied after the first frost and left on the plants until spring, when the danger of frost has passed.

    • 3 months Guarantee

    Features and benefits

    • ✅ UV RESISTANT - the agrotextile is resistant to the sun, so it does not weaken and does not tear.
    • ✅ PERFECT SECURITY - the ogrofabric effectively protects plants from harmful weather conditions.
    • ✅ OPTIMAL CONDITIONS FOR PLANTS - the temperature and humidity under the coating are higher, which allows for faster and earlier growth of plants.
    • ✅ EFFECTIVE WINTER PROTECTION - agrotextile allows you to protect sensitive plants from low temperatures.


    Weight (g)1000g
    Product code5056697219329