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Geranium Calliope Rose Splash Summer Bedding plant, 13cm Pot, Pack of 4
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Geranium Calliope Rose Splash Summer Bedding plant, 13cm Pot, Pack of 4

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Product details

Product information

  • Ideal for Containers, hanging baskets, in ground in Sunny, sheltered areas
  • Plant between Spring / Summer
  • Flowering period - April - August
  • Instructions for planting - Water well before planting. Gently remove plants from their pots and plant so that the top of the rootball is just below the soil surface. Firm them down and water well.
  • After planting care instructions - Allow soil to dry to some extent between waterings, then water thoroughly

Features and benefits

  • Plants shown with delivery packaging are for illustration purposes only


VarietyCalliope Rose Splash
Latin namePelargonium
Flower colourPink
Attracts pollinatorsDoes not attract pollinators
Flowering periodApril - August
Planting periodSpring / Summer
Life spanAnnual
Plant positionSunny, sheltered areas
Eventual growth height range0.5-1.0m
Eventual growth spread range0.5-1.0m
Planting distance300mm
Soil typeAny type of soil
Soil moistureWell drained
Soil pHAny
Maintenance requiredMedium
Plant hardiness typeFrost tender
HardinessH1c - Can be grown outside in the summer (5 - 10°C)
Container size13cm
Product code3663602389774