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Rust-Oleum Little Stars Air-Purifying Wall Paint Swan Lake 2.5L
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Rust-Oleum Little Stars Air-Purifying Wall Paint Swan Lake 2.5L

Sold & shipped by Tor Coatings Limited

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Product details

Product information

Designed specifically with children’s well-being in mind, Little Stars Air Purifying Wall Paint is perfect for your child’s bedroom, playroom or nursery. Breathe easy knowing that this water-based paint neutralises harmful air pollutants like formaldehyde as soon as it dries, for up to 5 years. Available in 18 soothing colours, each shade was carefully selected by a child psychologist to promote feelings of calm, play or inspiration.

  • Instructions for Use - Stir thoroughly before use. The product can be applied with a roller. Use a brush for corners and edges.
  • Surface Preparation - The surface should be smooth, clean, dry and dust-free. Pre-treat powdery surfaces with a fixative. Prepare unclean surfaces with a suitable primer.
  • Guarantee - Statutory
  • Suitable for use on Wall

Features and benefits

Little Stars allows you to purify as you decorate for a space that’s protective, comfortable and fun. Certified with the EU Ecolabel and awarded Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort GOLD, neutralise harmful indoor pollutants like formaldehyde for up to five years.

  • Certified with the EU eco-label and Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold
  • Easy to apply to plaster, cement, concrete, brick and plasterboard
  • Neutralise harmful pollutants such as formaldehydes
  • Create a healthier indoor climate with this specialist purifying wall and ceiling paint
  • Believe in magic with Rust-Oleum Little Stars Air Purifying Wall Paint
  • Available in 18 colours, specially selected for children’s rooms and playrooms

Legal Information

  • Please note that this item has additional safety or regulatory datasheets available. The product may have possible health and safety hazards covered in these documents. Refer to the container for full information and always follow the instructions.


Application methodBrush or roller
VOC levelLow
Recoat time4-6 hours
Litre capacity (L)2.5L
Container typeTin
Drying time2 h
Product code5413436087838