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Strawberry Sweetheart - Outdoor Fruit Plants for Gardens, Pots, Containers (9cm Pots, 5 Pack)
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Strawberry Sweetheart - Outdoor Fruit Plants for Gardens, Pots, Containers (9cm Pots, 5 Pack)

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Product information

    Strawberry Sweetheart is a delightful variety known for its sweet and juicy strawberries. This high-yielding strawberry plant produces abundant fruits, making it a favorite among strawberry enthusiasts. With its compact and runnerless growth habit, it is well-suited for small gardens or container gardening. Sweetheart is an early-season strawberry, allowing you to enjoy a bountiful harvest of delicious strawberries ahead of the regular season. It is also disease-resistant and tolerant to various weather conditions, ensuring a successful crop. Plant these strawberries in well-drained soil, provide regular watering and nutrition, and savor the joy of harvesting your very own Sweetheart strawberries.

    • Guarantee - Statutory
    • Container, Small Garden
    • Water regularly, keeping the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. Avoid overwatering.

    Features and benefits

    • Sweet and juicy strawberries with a delightful flavor
    • High-yielding variety that produces abundant fruits
    • Compact and runnerless growth habit, perfect for small gardens or containers
    • Early-season strawberry, allowing for an early harvest
    • Disease-resistant and tolerant to various weather conditions


    Eventual growth height range0.1-0.5m
    Eventual growth spread range0.1-0.5m
    Plant positionSunny areas
    Soil moistureWell drained
    Soil pHNeutral
    Soil typeFertile
    Product code5051641521572