How to paint a wooden window frame

Freshen up your windows in just one day

A tired looking window stands out even more next to a freshly painted wall. Our 'Do It In A Day' projects is perfect for tidying up interior sills and frames to make them shiny and new again.

Before you start

How to paint a wooden window frame

Have a think about what colour to paint your windows. A coat of white paint will have a brightening effect and won't compete with a feature wall.

However, to make a statement, choose shade of colour that's a few shades lighter or darker than your walls. This will help your windows become more of a focal point within your room.

More of a chameleon? Paint your window the same colour as your walls. To find an exact match try our Valspar colour mixing service.

Top tip

Cover your furniture and flooring with dust sheets the night before you start your painting project. That way you can get stuck in straight away the next morning.

Project shopping list

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Materials Tools Safety
Interior wood paint 2” paint brush Goggles
Masking tape Sandpaper Gloves
Wood primer Sponge  
How to paint a window frame in a day
How to paint a wooden window frame - step one

Step 1, 7am: Sand the window frame with a medium-grade sandpaper and brush away any dust. Make sure you're wearing your goggles whilst you're doing this. Wipe the frame clean with a damp sponge - just use water, no soap.

Step two - how to paint a wooden window frame

Step 2, 9am: Run masking tape along the edges to ensure a clean line. If you want to be extra cautious, you could tape newspaper to cover the glass as well. Between coats, remove and reapply the masking tape to avoid the adhesive removing any paint.

How to paint a wooden window frame - step three

Step 3, 9.30am: Paint in a consistent direction - the same way as the wood grain - to achieve a nice, even finish. Let it dry for 2-3 hours.

Step 4, 12pm: Lunch break! Time to grab a sandwich and refuel.

Step four - how to paint a wooden window frame

Step 5, 12.30pm: Back to it! Gently rub down the frame to make the surface rough, this will help the paint adhere better. Apply paint to the frame, then the opening casements. Leave the window open to let it dry.

Step five - how to paint a wooden window frame

Step 6, 3.30pm: Once your first coat has dried, apply your second, just as you did in step 5. Remove the masking tape and leave the paint to dry.

That's a wrap!

How to paint a wooden window frame - final step

Stand back and take in the finished result, all that in just one day! We bet you can see the neighbours out the window looking jealous already!

We'd love to see your paint transformations. Share your photos on Facebook and Instagram to show off all your hard work! Remember to use #doitinaday.