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How to re-grout tiles

Freshen up your bathroom walls with some fresh tile grout

Sprucing up old tiles can make all the difference to your bathroom or kitchen. Our easy to follow guide will show you just how simple it is to re-grout your existing tiles and freshen up your space.

How to re-grout tiles 1

As you’ll need to remove the old grout from the tiles, it’s best to put down a dust sheet or cardboard to protect the area you’re working in. And don’t forget to wear a dust mask and eye protection.

How to re-grout tiles 2

Step 1

Use a grout removal blade to remove as much of the grout as possible. To do this, run the blade around the edge of the tiles, taking care not to damage the tiles.

How to re-grout tiles 3

Step 2

A scraper is useful to knock out any leftover pieces of grout. Don’t forget to hoover as you go to minimise dust.

How to re-grout tiles 4

Step 3

Once you’ve removed all the old grout, wipe over the tiles with a damp sponge to remove any dust. Leave the surface to dry thoroughly before re-grouting.

Choose from ready-made or ready-to-mix tile grout in a range of colours, try glitter grout for dazzling results.

How to re-grout tiles 5

Step 1

Once you’ve chosen your preferred grout, apply it to the tiles using a grout spreader. Use a diagonal motion to ensure it gets into all the gaps between the tiles. And use the edge of the spreader to scrape up excess grout and re-apply it to another area.

How to re-grout tiles 6

Step 2

It’s best to work as quickly as you can and to wipe off excess grout as you go with a just-damp cloth. This will minimise the amount you have to scrub off later.

How to re-grout tiles 7

Step 3

Tiled areas that meet another surface, such as a worktop, floor, window or door frame, should be left un-grouted and sealed with silicone later.

How to re-grout tiles 8

Step 4

Once you’ve filled all the gaps with grout, leave to set for a few minutes. Then use the same diagonal motion to wipe the tiles with a damp sponge. Keep a bucket of water handy to rinse out the sponge as you go.

How to re-grout tiles 9

Step 5

After about an hour, use a dry cloth to polish and remove the thin layer of powder left on the tiles.