Gaming room ideas to take you to the next level

By Ellie Reeves | 24th October 2022 | 5 min read

Eat, sleep, game, repeat

Consider yourself something of a gaming pro? Why not transform your bedroom or spare room into a dedicated gaming zone? From paint and soundproofing to bean bags and mini fridges – we’ve got everything you can think of (and more) to create the ultimate gaming den.

Climb the ranks and achieve gaming glory with the latest accessories, furniture, colours, and finishing touches. Whether you’re turning your spare room into a gaming station, or you want to create a cool gaming bedroom, we've got you covered.

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gaming bedroom ideasgaming bedroom ideasgaming bedroom ideasgaming bedroom ideas
gamers room ideasgamers room ideasgamers room ideasgamers room ideas

Set up your gaming station

A gaming desk and swivel chair will give you the edge you need to beat all your opponents. And when you’re resting between sessions, we’ve got comfy bean bags and armchairs that will have you ready and raring for the next challenge. Our Thunya gaming desk has a built-in drinks holder to give you easy access to your favourite cup of tea or coffee. So, you can keep your energy levels up whilst gaming – without the risk of spilling your drink all over your keyboard. We know a gaming session rarely lasts just half an hour. It takes hours to rise to the top, right? Well then, you’ll need a comfortable chair to sink into for gaming the day away. With a high back for extra comfort and support, our Thunya gaming chair is just the ticket.

Decorate with bold colours and patterns

It goes without saying, a gaming room should be exciting, bold, and impactful. Use vivid colours and striking patterns to create a room that reflects the fun of all the video games you’re playing. From racing reds to Pacman yellow, browse our selection of emulsion paint. Wallpaper and wall murals are a great way of transforming the look of your room easily and quickly. Our ‘game over’ wallpaper was practically made for a gaming room, featuring classic mottos to keep you going to the next level.

  • gaming wallpapergaming wallpapergaming wallpapergaming wallpaper
gaming room lightinggaming room lightinggaming room lightinggaming room lighting

Set the scene with lighting

LED strip lights and neon wall lights are a great way of illuminating your gaming room without detracting from the focus point – the screen. Localised light helps to create a cool ambience in the room and stops you from gaming in complete darkness. From colour changing strip lights to neon slogan lights, we’ve got loads of stylish options to choose from.

soundproof gaming roomsoundproof gaming roomsoundproof gaming roomsoundproof gaming room

Soundproof your gaming room

Let's face it, gaming can be noisy. It’s not just the sound coming from the speakers themselves, but the yelps and sighs when you’re close to winning – or losing. Avoid irritating your roommates and neighbours by soundproofing your room. There are plenty of easy ways you can absorb the sound in your gaming room. Use soft furnishings like rugs, cushions, curtains, and upholstered furniture. We also stock SoundBloc plasterboard, this plasterboard has a high-density core structure to provide enhanced sound insulation to help reduce noise between rooms.

gaming room storagegaming room storagegaming room storagegaming room storage

Storage for gaming gadgets

Use open shelves to display your coolest gadgets and keep anything else neatly tucked away in drawers and cupboards. From cube shelves to modular storage systems – we’ve got loads of options when it comes to gaming storage. There’s nothing worse than being on a winning roll, and your controller decides to run out of battery mid-session. Make sure you’ve got a fully charged spare controller somewhere that’s within easy access.

gaming room ideasgaming room ideasgaming room ideasgaming room ideas

Block out the light

Remember, you want your gaming screen to be the main source of light in the room. Sunlight coming through the windows can cause unwanted glare on your computer screen. Block out natural daylight with a blackout curtain or blind when you’re gaming during the day.

gaming room accessoriesgaming room accessoriesgaming room accessoriesgaming room accessories

Finish off the look with gaming accessories

Add some personality to your room with the latest accessories, wall art, and ornaments. Choose from our huge range of wall art, from your Marvel comic characters to motivating slogans – we’ve got something for everyone. And don’t forget those extra touches that will make your life a bit easier. Don’t want to leave your room mid gaming session? With a mini fridge you’ll always have a cold drink to hand.